Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How it all started and where it might be going.

It was that first sip of a perfect red wine that stole my heart. There I stood in Napa at Opus One with a crystal glass in my hand with the most amazing wine I had ever tasted.  I was 25 years old, very impressionable and up until this point, I had really never drunk wine.  This was my first trip wine tasting in Napa and I loved every minute of it! Captivated with the color, aroma and taste of a fine wine I was about to embark on a hobby that was filled with science, art and passion! Wine!

That little trip through Napa was an education that has lead to today’s passion and lifestyle. As I toured the different wineries, took in wines color, aroma and taste I was developing a palate that would take me deeper into wine and finally to where I am today….the owner of a vineyard.

This is a blog sharing an adventure, a passion and a love of something some consider a science, others and art. Together, we will walk through this vineyard and experience this wine. Join me on my new life as a vineyard owner and a winemaker. 

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  1. so glad you are doing this. I will post this as a link to my blog.